AZURA® HPLC 862 bar System

The complete solution for your daily HPLC routine

Back pressure range

862 bar max. at up to 2 ml/min, 400 bar at up to 10 ml/min

Choice of software packages

CDS, OpenLab®

CDS EZChrom Edition, Mobile Control, Chro-meleon™ 7.2

Recommended continuous flow rate

Up to 5 ml/min

Flow rate range

10 ml/min

Choice of detectors

DAD 190–700 nm, DAD 190–1000 nm, RID, UVD, MWD, FLD, ELSD, MS

AZURA® Analytical (U)HPLC

The analytical (U)HPLC systems of the AZURA liquid chromatography instruments are designed to support and facilitate your work. View our brochure.

Available pump systems

Isocratic, Binary HPG and Quaternary LPG

Injection volume range

1 µl–5000 µl depending on sample loop

Column thermostatting range

5–85 °C

Injection options

Autosampler, Liquid handler, manual, automatted via electrical injection valve

Analytical (U)HPLC – efficient and adaptable to your needs

Employee on HPLC System

Description AZURA® HPLC 862 bar System

What is included?

Higher speed, high sample throughput and highest peak resolution


Detail of an HPLC System

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